39.Gifu Castle Part3

A popular spot for tourism and history

Later History

After the battle in 1600, Gifu Castle was abandoned, instead, Tokugawa Shogunate built Kano Castle in a nearby plain area. In 1910, the first imitation Main Tower was built by the local people. The present Main Tower is the second generation which was built in 1956. Both of them are seen as important symbols of city and have been contributing to the increase in tourism. As the excavations and studies improve in recent years, the area around Mt. Kinkazan is focused on as a historic spot. As a result, it has been a National Historic Site as the ruins of Gifu Castle since 2011.

The present imitation Main Tower
A view from the top of the mountain

My Impression

I actually thought that the Gifu Castle was just on the top of mountain, until recently. After I visited and learned more about the castle, I found that it offered many perspectives. Especially, Nobunaga Oda received and improved it on his own way. He used the potential abilities of the castle to increase his authority. I think that something new about the castle will be discovered again soon to surprise us.

The replica of the wooden statue of Nobunaga Oda (Gifu Castle Museum)
The ruins of Nobunaga’s residence on the foot of the mountain

How to get There

If you want to visit there by car:
It is about 6 km away from Kagamigahara IC on Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway.
The Gifu Park offers a parking lot.
By public transportation, take the Gifu Bus from the No.12 or 13 bus stops at JR Gifu Station, and get off at the Gifu-Koen-Rekishi-Hakubutsukan-Mae bus stop.
To get JR Gifu Station from Tokyo: Get the Tokaido Shinkansen Super Express, and transfer to Tokaido Local Line at Nagoya Station.

Links and References

Gifu Castle castle tower, Gifu city official web site

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