160.Imori Castle Part3

The ruins are becoming a National Historic Site.

Later History

Imori Mountain was developed as a tourist spot in the Modern Times. For example, the statue of Masatsura Kusunoki and the stand for hoisting the national flag were built on the top. In addition, an amusement park was built on the Senjojiki Enclosure during the early Showa Era which might have destroyed part of the castle ruins. Shijonawate and Daito Citys, which own the ruins of Imori Castle dividedly, have recently been excavating the ruins. That’s why new discoveries such as the stone walls are often found. They aim to have the ruins designated as a National Historic Site.

The Senjojiki Enclosure
The remaining stone walls at the eastern side of the Main Enclosure (quoted from the Daito City Website)

My Impression

I think visiting the ruins of Imori Castle is like killing two birds with one stone. You can see the castle ruins while taking a hike. In addition, you may find a new discovery from the recent excavation with every visit.

A view from the castle ruins

As for Nagayoshi Miyoshi, if he lived a little longer, the Japanese history might have been different. Nobunaga Oda would not have gotten to Kyoto that easily, so his unification of Japan would be impossible. Nobunaga was not only strong, but also very fortunate.

Part of the portrait of Nagayoshi Miyoshi, owned by Juko-in of Daitokuji Temple (licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons)

How to get There

It takes about one and a half hours from Shijonawate Station or Nozaki Station on JR Gakuen-toshi line to the castle ruins on foot.
To get to the stations from Tokyo: Take the Tokaido Shinkansen Super Express, transfer to the Osaka-Higashi Line at Shin-Osaka Station, and transfer to the Gakuen-toshi Line at Hanaten Station.

Links and References

Daito City Website
Shijonawate City Website

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