132.Takada Castle Part3

A park for the illuminated cherry blossoms, the lotus flowers and the castle ruins

Later History

After the Meiji Restoration, Takada Castle was used as a ground for the Japanese Army. The Main Hall and the Three-story Turret were unfortunately burned in 1870, and all other buildings of the castle were also demolished. Local people started to plant lotus to earn money for themselves as well as the former warriors at the same time. That lotus has now become an attraction of the city. In 1908, the headquarters for the 13th Division of the Japanese Army was set at the Main Enclosures of the castle. The army destroyed most of the earthen walls and buried many of the moats. Instead, they planted a lot of cherry trees which have also become another attraction today. After World War II, the castle ruins were turned into the Takada Park equipped with public facilities. In more recent years, Joetsu City is tying to balance relaxation and sites of the ruins for the park, renaming it the Takada Castle Site Park in 2020.

The drawing when the castle was used for the Japanese Army ( from the signboard at the site)
The ruins of the gate for the headquarters for the 13th Division of the Japanese Army
The monument of the Takada Castle Site Park
The remaining earthen walls of the Main Enclosure and the rebuilt Three-Story Turret on them

My Impression

I was surprised to see the width of the Outer Moat and learned that it was originally wider. It was certainly possible to absorb damage from a gun attack of enemies at that time. Even without stone walls and a Main Tower, it remains strong to this day. You can enjoy seeing the castle as well as cherry blossoms in spring, lotus flowers in summer, autumn leaves in fall, and snow in winter in the park. If you have time, I recommend walking around the city area near Takada Station, the former castle town. The formation of the town still remains with the rare covered alleys called Gangi to prevent snow from entering.

The Outer Moat of Takada Castle
A view of the illuminated cherry blossoms at the Takada Castle Site Park (licensed by Cp9asngf via Wikimedia Commons)
A view of the lotus flowers at the Takada Castle Site Park (taken by v-pro from photoAC)
The Gangi covered alleys which can be seen in the city area

How to get There


Takada Station

Links and References

Takada Castle Site Park, Joetsu Tourism Convention Association

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