144.Ogaki Castle Part2

The Main Tower remained, but was burned down, then restored.

Later History

After the Meiji Restoration, Ogaki Castle was abandoned and almost all the buildings of the castle were demolished. A lot of moats were also reclaimed except the Outer Moat called Suimon-gawa River. They were turned into the city area.

Suimon-gawa River, the former Outer Moat

Only the Main Tower and two turrets at the Main Enclosure remained. Especially, the external design of the Main Tower was used when the Main Tower of Gujo-Hachiman Castle was rebuilt in 1933.

The old photo of the original Main Tower, from the signboard at the site
The rebuilt Main Tower of Gujo-Hachiman Castle

However, those of Ogaki Castle were unfortunately burned down by the Ogaki Air Raid in 1945. After World War II, they were externally restored in 1967 using the design of the original ones and Gujo-Hachiman Castle instead.

The externally restored Main Tower of Ogaki Castle


Around Main Tower as Ogaki Park

The map around the castle

Today, only around the Main and Second Enclosures remained as the Ogaki Park. Part around the Second Enclosure is a normal park and the Main Enclosure has a historical atmosphere. No moats unfortunately remained around the enclosure while the roads around it are probably the former moats.

Ogaki Park
A road around, probably the former moat

It has two gates, the Western Gate was built in the present time, and the Eastern Gate is the original, but was moved from another place which was once called Yanagikuchi-mon Gate. There are also the externally restored Inui and Ushitorra Turrets alongside the gates.

The Western Gate built in the present time
The Eastern Gate, moved from the Yanagikuchi-mon Gate
The externally restored Inui Turret
The externally restored Ushitora Turret

The restored four-level Main Tower is inside the enclosure, which is actually a modern building and used as a historical museum.

The inside of the Main Enclosure
The remaining stone walls of the Main Enclosure

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