180.Okoh Castle Part2

A historical park with a laid-back atmosphere


well developed historical park

The location map at the site, with additional English names

The map around the castle

Today, the ruins of Okoh Castle is well developed as a historical park. If you drive to the park, you can easily park your car at the mid slope of the mountain near the entrance of the ruins. If you walk up on the slope from the entrance, you will first arrive at the front of the high earthen walls of the the castle.

The entrance of the castle ruins
The remaining earthen walls at the ruins

From Forth Tier to Third Tier

Then, if you walk around to the right direction, you can enter the Forth Tier through the entrance of the enclosure called Koguchi. The entrance is made narrow and curved by the earthen walls for defense.

The entrance of the Forth Tier
The inside of the Forth Tier

The Third Tier is higher than the Forth Tier, surrounding the Final Tier like belt. The strong stone foundations surrounded by stone-piled earthen walls remain inside the enclosure. The building on the foundations would have been an important structure for the castle.

The inside of the Third Tier
The Third Tier surrounds the Final Tier like belt

Final Tier, Center of Castle

The Final Tier is the highest enclosure of the castle, so it was thought that it had the turret like a main tower. There are no building remaining on the ruins, but you can see a very good view of the Kacho Plain with lots of rice fields instead. You can easily imagine the area around the castle has been warm and rich.

Climbing up to the Final Tier
The inside of the Final Tier
A view from the Final Tier

Second Tier to protect Final Tier

The Second Tier is opposite to the Forth Tier. The enclosure was separated by a ditch from the Final Tier to protect it. There is also a small enclosure named the Lower Final Tier between the Second Tier and the Final Tier, where another turret was probably built.

The Second Tier
The ditch between the Second Tier and the Final Tier
The Lower Final Tier

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